The Best Air Rilfe for Survival Hunting

best pellet gun for huntingWhile having a collection of regular guns for hunting and protection is a given, air rifles and pellet guns shouldn’t be overlooked as backup weapons.  They don’t require gun powder, they’re quiet, and they are easy to maintain.

In an emergency situation it is always a good thing to have firearms for your survival.  You never know when food supplies might start running short.  And when things like that happen, you need a way to supply food for your family.  You also need to be able to protect your family from those that would steal your food.

This is where air rifles and pellet guns are a great idea.  If ammo supplies are running short, you should save your bullets for times of need.  This could be when you need to bring down big game, but in a societal collapse type situation you’ll want to have some firepower for protection.

Using an air rifle for hunting during these times is a great way to conserve your ammunition.  It’s easy to stockpile thousands of rounds of pellets.  It’s certainly more cost effective.

If you can manage to supply all of your food needs by hunting with a pellet gun then you can keep your bullets for true emergency situations.

Hunting with an air rifle is not all that different than hunting with a standard rifle.  Many air rifles sold today are powerful enough to bring down animals as big as a deer.  You will have to get closer to them for the shot to be lethal.  And this requires some basic hunting skills.  Knowing to stay downwind from the animal will help you approach to a range close enough for a lethal shot.

If you are planning on hunting with a pellet gun or air rifle you should know that the best pellet gun for hunting is one that has a bigger caliber barrel such as a .22 or .25.  This will insure that you have the stopping power you need to bring down larger animals.  Accuracy is important since you won’t have the same power as a powder based rifle.  The Benjamin Marauder air rifle is a great example of just such a gun.  It has great power and consistent accuracy.

So even though most people don’t think of them as such, pellet rifles make excellent hunting weapons and can save you hundreds of dollars in ammunition.  You can find more information at

Overlooking Physical Prepartion Could Be a Major Mistake

We’ve all seen the lists of things you should have on hand in the case of an emergency.  Whether it’s an earthquake, hurricane, riots, or economic collapse, there are things you should have on hand to address your basic needs.  We’ve covered many of these in our last post.  Today we’re going to take a look at preparedness from a different angle.

Physical Demands of An Emergency Situation

Depending on the type of emergency you encounter, the physical demands could be very different.  In an earthquake you may need to be able to lift debris off of a loved one.  Living through a hurricane may find you in a similar situation.  In the case of societal breakdown or economic collapse you may need to have not only strength, but endurance so that you can get away from major cities.

One of the first thing preppers will tell  you to have is a bug-out-bag ready to go at all times.  It should contain basic supplies that will get you through 48-72 hours or until you can get to a safe location.   If you’ve got a family, that can be quite a load.  While it should be divided up amongst those that are physically able to carry such weights, it still adds up to a significant amount of weight.  What most experts on preparation fail to address is the physical strength and stamina that is required to carry a heavy load over long distances.

If you have small children, you will have to count on being able to carry them at least part of the time as well.  So a regular regimen of exercise is a must for those that are truly prepared for anything.

CrossFit for Fitness Preparation

First of all, if you go to a gym 3-4 times per week to lift weights, you may be in relatively good shape.  But if you’re not supplementing all of that lifting with some sort of intense short-term cardio and less intense long-term cardio, you will find yourself woefully unprepared when the time comes to depend on your body.

One of the exercise routines out there that is becoming more and more popular is CrossFit.  And it could’ve been designed to fit the needs of anyone looking to prepare them both mentally AND physically for the trials of an emergency.

The exercises that make up CrossFit WODs (workout of the day), stress every part of your body.  There are intense upper body workouts that incorporate all of your muscle groups working together at the same time.  And there are equally intense workouts that incorporate all the muscles of the lower body.

Unlike any other routine CrossFit training hits your ENTIRE body.  It’s based upon high repetition and proper form.  It is an excellent choice for building both strength in your bodies core muscle groups, but also elevating your cardiovascular health.   It doesn’t necessarily incorporate long endurance runs, but you can easily work these in on days off.  You will definitely want a good pair of crossFit shoes before you start though.

Mental Preparation Benefits

While CrossFit will literally kick your ass physically, it is also going to push you to mentally achieve more than you ever have before.  The support network in a class helps you to achieve more than you thought possible.  This builds confidence.  And having solid confidence and being self reliant are extremely important in an emergency.

So whether or not you think you are prepared from a supply standpoint, take a look at your physical preparedness as well.  And remember that everyone in your family should be at least somewhat prepared for any type of emergency.

Preparing for An Emergency

Over the last several years the term preppers has become a household term.  Most of them are portrayed as paranoid, anti-government, or anti-establishment.  And in certain cases, that may be true.  But if an emergency situation came up in your area, how prepared would you be?

Types of Emergencies

An emergency can be many things: a failure of the power grid, societal breakdown, terrorist attack, and forces of nature are all legitimate types of emergencies. During these situations it can become difficult to find food, water, or even shelter.  Our system of supply is somewhat precarious.  It is extremely efficient under optimal circumstances, but any sort of substantial event can cause enormous difficulties in delivering basic needs such as food and water to large portions of the population.

And while you can’t make yourself immune to the repercussions of such events, you can help prepare yourself and your family to survive and even thrive under these circumstances.

Changes is What is Normal

At no other point in human history have so many people relied upon such a small amount of stored food.  While many of the people on prepper-type shows are ridiculed for their belief that something catastrophic could happen to our system, preparation used to be the norm.

Hundreds of years ago it would’ve seemed the utmost in stupidity to only keep enough food on hand for the next few days.  Obviously the system by which we purchase our food is very different from what was around back then, but it doesn’t change the fact that in an emergency food and water become scarce.  And the last thing you want to be doing after a catastrophic event is to be dependent upon someone else or the government for your basic needs.

Things to Keep On Hand

There are lists you can find online, such as here, that can give you volumes of information regarding what you should store in case of various emergencies.  We’re going to cover some of the basics here.

Water is number one.  You can go many days without food, but your body can only go a short period of time without water.  Keep at least two weeks worth of water on hand for each member of your household.  There are plenty of water storage options out there.  There are also filtration systems out there that allow you to quickly clean water that you find to ensure that it is drinkable.  A well-prepared home should have both.  Lifestraw is a great option that is small, portable, and can make just about any water drinkable.

Food is number two.  The same as with water, you want to keep at least two weeks worth of food on hand for each member of your family.  Canned food is by far the easiest to store.  Frozen food is okay, but if a loss of power occurs, you won’t be able to save it for very long.

Medical supplies round out the top three.  Make sure that you have enough medical supplies on hand to last for the foreseeable future.  If you or any of your family require medication on a regular basis, keep anything that will store for extended periods of time on hand in case it becomes unavailable during an emergecny.  Bandages, disinfectants, and other basic first aid items should be stocked up as well.

Tools to Keep On Hand

There are any number of items that will come in handy during an emergency.  Flashlights are a key item.  Make sure you have several high quality flashlights and enough batteries to power them for a few months.

A survival knife is an extremely important item to have.  In fact you should have several.  They can serve any number of purposes from utility tool to weapon.  Keep your knives sharp and make sure you have a quality sharpening system to use to keep your knives in top shape.  The best electric knife sharpener is typically one that has multiple sharpening angles.

If you’re comfortable with guns, make sure that you have something that is suitable for both protection and hunting.  In a longer-term breakdown, food sources may be scarce for long periods of time.  The ability to scavenge the area around you to supplement your food will become extremely important.  Make sure that you have a way of storing ammunition that keeps it both safe and dry so it’s ready to go when you need it.

Have a Plan

All of the items listed above are worthless without some sort of plan.  Know what you and you’re family are going to do the moment an emergency hits by preparing ahead of time.  Have a bugout bag packed at all times with the basic things you’ll need to survive if you need to leave your home in a hurry.  Keep in mind any pets will require leashes, food, and carriers if you’re planning on taking them with you.

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared.  While the examples shown on TV are often extreme, you owe it to your family and yourself to be able to survive on your own should the need arise.  You’ll be amazed at the peace of mind it provides.




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Welcome to  Our intention with this site it is to draw attention to the world our government doesn’t want you to see.  So much of what we know about history has been distorted or changed into outright lies.  We’re here to try to disseminate the truth to as many people as we can reach.

Our eyes were first opened several years after the 9/11 attacks.  Since then, through hours and hours of research, we have found that what we were told happened on 9/11/2001 only scratches the surface of what our government has actually become.

From the overthrow of the democratically elected leader of Iran in the 1950s to the supposed war on terror, our federal government is very different than what we are told to believe.  The picture they’ve painted is so lifelike that the vast majority of Americans don’t even question what is going on.  They simply watch the news every day, believing everything they see and hear.

Our mission is to seek out the truth, finding it wherever and whenever possible.  We look at every side of every story.  Some of the sites you’ll see us referencing are well established ‘conspiracy theorist’ sites such as, which is a group of architects and engineers that are attempting to debunk the 911 commissions findings about what actually happened in New York City and Washington DC that fateful day.

Our intention is to keep our readers well-informed about what is currently going on in our country behind the scenes and in the dark.  In addition to 9/11 we’ll cover the financial situation the U.S. faces.  From ballooning debt to massive inflation, our country is rapidly approaching the cliff of financial disaster.  We’ll attempt to help you prepare yourself for this inevitable day.

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